About Us

Northcloak is a software and information consultancy based in Olympia, Washington. Information on our services and lists of the areas of work for which we are available are available elsewhere on this site in what are hopefully obvious places. We formed in 2014 as a consolidation of multiple smaller independent consulting ventures to provide a more comprehensive and integrated set of services to our clients. We are a woman-owned small business.


Our principal engineers provide critical oversight of all that we undertake, and their broad experience enables us to pursue a wide variety of projects for a diverse group of clients. Where possible they will perform work themselves and their services are available directly if needed, as well as in a supervisory role for other consultants we work with.

Juli Mallett

Juli is a generalist software developer who specializes in networking and related disciplines. She’s worked for start-up, niche and major manufacturers of network infrastructure equipment, where she led development of major features and even entirely-new products. As an open source developer, she has contributed minor work to several projects and is a long-time FreeBSD developer, for which she has been instrumental in her work on MIPS platforms. In 2008 she started the first open source WAN Optimization project, WANProxy, which has since become the basis for several proprietary software products as well as making WAN Optimization technology available to cash-strapped start-ups, governments and non-profits around the world. Her work has created significant new sources of revenue for the companies she’s worked for as well as her many frequent collaborators.

She holds a Master of Divinity from Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, Mass., and is an ordained priest in the Episcopal Church. She is a citizen of the United States and Canada.

Lee Zeman

Lee is a visualization developer who is passionate about creating meaningful visualizations from scientific data. He has developed visualizations for medical imaging systems and ecological research, including data from physical sources, statistical models and data synthesis. With a focus on telling stories about data using visualization, his work has included collaborating across numerous disciplines to produce images and interactive tools which connect insights from field-work to data in the lab. His work has included teaching the art of visualization, extending geographical information systems and developing bespoke visualization suites for high-profile consumers and collaborators. A list of academic publications of research supported or led by Lee is available upon request. Lee currently occupies a full-time position with a climate change research institution in addition to his consulting portfolio.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Washington in Seattle. He is a citizen of the United States and holds permanent residency in Canada.


In addition to our principals, we have some frequent collaborators whose services we are happy to arrange, and whose skills we are lucky to be able to call upon. We work with many other people than those listed here, but these folks have a tendency to show up working alongside us on our most significant projects.

Patrick Kelsey

Patrick is a versatile low-level engineer whose portfolio includes industrial control systems, drivers for all manner of networking components and numerous high-performance storage platforms. His design work and follow-through for both hardware and software projects are always of the highest quality. He has collaborated extensively with Juli on WANProxy, most recently in developing a library version of the FreeBSD TCP/IP stack which is suitable for transparent proxies and much more, libuinet. He is also a FreeBSD developer, and has done significant kernel development both on FreeBSD and NetBSD, as well as on Linux.

Bruce M. Simpson

Bruce is the most insightful multicast networking expert we know of working today, whose skills extend into other areas of high-performance networking, routing infrastructure, timing and embedded systems. An accomplished academic, his knowledge of cutting-edge networking research, particularly related to IPv6, makes him an asset when encountering complex networks and building network software which must be prepared to deal with the same. His work on FreeBSD includes extensive improvements and innovation in the multicast network stack, as well as work on MIPS processors and in the context of emulation. He was previously one of the core developers of XORP, a modular and extensible open source routing platform.