We provide competitive software development and related services on a project or hourly basis. Contact us to discuss your project and request a quote. Note that we do not provide services by fixed retainer at this time, although you can retain our principals to be available for hourly work on a regular basis.

In addition to the software services we provide in-house, we are able to provide referrals to a large network of hardware engineers, system integrators, network administrators and specialized security consultants. We can also provide project management services on a limited basis if you have a large project that you need us to take the reins on, coordinating the work of our consultants with your in-house team.

We may be able to connect you with consultants who hold or can obtain a security clearance in the United States or Canada for work which requires one, as well as partner companies who specialize in providing software development services for such sensitive projects. If a government clearance isn’t a specific need, we are happy to handle proprietary and highly-sensitive work directly.