Areas of Work

This page provides an at-a-glance overview of areas we’re available to work in. Of course, it never hurts to ask if there’s something you don’t see here.

  • FreeBSD
  • Linux
  • Other Unix-like kernels
  • Microkernels
  • Hypervisors

  • Scientific visualization
  • Interactive visualization
  • Model-driven visualization
  • VTK (The Visualization Toolkit)
  • Processing and Processing.js

  • Data-oriented design
  • Event systems
  • Packet processing
  • Multithreading and multiprocessing
  • Self-organizing distributed systems

Device drivers
  • Ethernet NICs
  • Ethernet switch chipsets
  • Ethernet bypass controllers
  • Serial protocols
  • Storage devices

Scientific data
  • Data management
  • Data synthesis
  • Species coding
  • Ontologies and data conversion
  • Data modelling and statistics

Protocol design and analysis
  • WAN Optimization
  • HTTP
  • TLS, SSH and other cryptographic transports
  • Authentication systems
  • Protocol library design and scripting

In addition to our specific technical expertise, we are able to provide general consulting services which can help meet your organization’s needs and ensure that your specific project is successful.

  • Visual art and graphic design services which complement and may even be based on our visualization techniques, enabling you to render and convey your data in a creative and compelling way.
  • Our skill with communication means that project reports and documentation will always be as thorough and clear as we can make them, tailored to the needs and technical abilities of our audience — or yours. We’ve written published scientific papers, presented numerous posters, given talks to a wide variety of audiences — even preached sermons and published fiction! While we can do these things for you and your organization, know that for everything we’ll take care with all of our words, and make sure your project materials are clear, accessible and professional. All communication has different needs, and whether we’re providing visualizations, tools, technical writing or an internal memo, we understand the importance of knowing the audience you’re communicating with.
  • We know how important security is, in all the myriad meanings of that word. We’re not sloppy with your private information, and have worked with data which requires anonymization and data which is embargoed or otherwise must not be published. While we’ve done a lot of work with cryptography and we know we’re not cryptographers — we know our limits, and would rather bring someone else in than compromise on quality. We’ve worked on software which needs to operate in highly-sensitive environments, and have minimized attack surfaces and developed defensive programming techniques to avoid common classes of exploits. We’ve even done a little malware analysis and some other stuff we can’t tell you about. Providing visualizations or WAN Optimization or anything else we do which isn’t itself about security should never mean compromising yours. And when you need vulnerability assessments or a secure protocol designed or analyzed, we’ve got you covered.
  • True interdisciplinary consulting; we are not a narrowly-technical organization, but have extensive experience with numerous other fields. So if your scientific lab needs us to develop software and collaborate on research, we’ve got you covered: we’re published and have led ecology research labs, and would love to get up to speed on your field and your research. We have strong backgrounds in visual art, animation, music and even organized religion; we’re used to helping non-technical organizations to come to grips with their technological needs and realize ambitious projects. We know, too, that a diverse base of skills and experience often benefits our work and our customers in unexpected ways.
  • Our strong relationships with other consultants and firms allow us to pursue projects that no single organization could deliver. We don’t do much hardware design, but we know people who do, and we’ve managed their work to produce novel devices for customers before, and hope to do so again. We’re not project management professionals, but we’ve often been responsible for the creation and continued success of new products and services; our job naturally involves managing project resources and timelines, and knowing when to bring in a professional. Our scientific expertise include ecology, biology, medical imaging and numerous other related fields, and we have business relationships with organizations that can bring knowledge we don’t have to bear on your project, whether that’s business accounting, nuclear physics, high-frequency trading or something else altogether. When you need a team with a unique and elusive set of skills brought together, talk to us.